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Welcome to my very first ‘what’s in my everyday bag’! I’ve seen so many great sneak peeks into what others carry around, I wanted to share my own. These posts are like my guilty pleasure. I remember growing up, my Mums bag was off-limits. Strictly no rummaging around in there – ever! So suffice to say, I have many years of snooping to make up for 😉

Most of what I keep in my bag I’ve had for a while, and I don’t update my bag/contents often. The only thing I’ve left out of the photos is mountains of receipts. I’m a bit of a receipt hoarder, ill admit. I’ll hang onto them ‘just in-case’, then months later throw them away thinking ‘why on earth did I keep a receipt for milk and toilet cleaner?’. But let’s just pretend they don’t exist for the duration of this post. Ahem.

The Bag
My Burberry bag was a surprise (late) birthday gift from my husband. He and I have a long running joke that gifts for Christmas and birthdays are never given on the actual day. We don’t plan it that way, it’s just how things roll. The reason always being one of the following: what we wanted isn’t available/won’t arrive on time/don’t have the cash right now/have no idea what I want/ill take an IOU.


1 – Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. I really love the smell of this sanitizer, and the natural Australian ingredients. I often find the smell of hand sanitizers too much, but this one suits me perfectly.
2 – Sunglasses: no name brand, and reading glasses: Gok Wan.
3 – Purse.
4 – The ‘Secret Womens Business’ bag, wink wink. From Etsy. 😉

1 – Paint swatches for all my DIY projects that will probably never happen 😛
2 – Estee Lauder face compact.
3 – My precious, my Sony T-900 point-and-shoot. I LOVE this camera so much. I’ve had it for a few years now and before I upgraded to my DSLR it was my everything. It’s compact, touch screen, and the slide-down cover made it so simple to shoot with one hand. I still carry it around for those you-never-know photos.
4 – Ouch Pouch, from Etsy. I have so many of these Ouch Pouches here at home, in all different sizes too. They are apparently TSA travel approved, although I haven’t tested that theory yet. I stuff all my makeup into this handy pouch, it does a brilliant job of keeping my bag stain free. The pouches are made of fabric backing, with a clear plastic front. It’s perfect storage and you can still see all of your items. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC35, MAC Mineralize Blush in Ring of Saturn.
5 – Left to right: Mayebline baby lips in mango pie & anti-oxidant berry, Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in charm & sweetheart, Revlon colorburst lipgloss in peony, Revlon colorstay ultimate in buffest beige. As far as makeup goes, I don’t carry a lot around with me. I like to apply long-wearing products at home that last the day.
6 – These bracelets live permanently in my bag so I can put them on/take them off on the go. They cost a grand total of a few dollars 🙂

1 – iPhone. Cover from Sportsgirl.
2 – Visual art & blog notebook. I use one side for illustrations and art, and flip it over and use the other side for all my blog notes and ideas. It’s always nice to have something to draw in when I have some time to kill.
3 – Weapons of mass creation! I don’t go anywhere without my favourite pen in the whole world, the Artline 0.4. I have so many stashed all over my house and inside my bag. The calligraphy pens are more for fun, I haven’t quite got the hang of lettering just yet 🙂

1 – My favourite accessories, a vintage cocktail ring, pave ring & camera earrings. They also live permanently in my bag.
2 – Coin/card purse from Etsy. I actually used this as my wallet for the longest time, because my white purse didn’t fit much. I recently retired it to keep all my loose change and extra cards that my purse just wont hold.
3 – Hair-ties for my daughter. I can’t leave home without hair-ties!

So, what’s inside your bag? 😀