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How to create ombre effect images (like I did)

Ever wonder how you can create the ombre effect with your own photos? Two toned/colour images are all the rage right now, so here’s a beginner friendly step by step guide on how I created mine using online photo editor Picmonkey, and how you too can create awesomeness. You know how much I love sharing online photo editing tips!

All you will need:

1 – An image – I used a large photo of my 10 year old son, Mr A.

2 – Picmonkey.com – note, a small subscription fee is required to use certain features.

Lets begin…

Step 1:

visit Picmonkey website > click ‘edit a photo’ > select your photo > ‘open’

Your image will look something like this in Picmonkey.

Step 2:

Select ‘effects’ > scroll down and select ‘Ombre’

Now to select the two colours we would like, change the direction of the effect, and make some minor changes to make it look the way we want.

First click the drop-down colour boxes and pick the colours you want. I chose Pink – FFCCEE, and Blue – 57AEDA. You can click on the colour you want, or you can enter the colour code in the space shown.

Your image will now look like this:

Next, move the ‘direction’ slider to 15 degrees, and the ‘fade’ slider to 20%  to make the colours more evenly distributed.

Click ‘apply’

Your image will now look like this:

Step 3:

We are now going to apply two different effects to the image.

Still in the ‘effects’ tab scroll up and click ‘Tranquil’ >  apply.

Your colours will now almost match the final image:

In the ‘effects’ tab click ‘Intrepid’ > change the ‘fade’ slider to 40% > apply.

Your image now has slightly darker edges to add to the effect:

Step 4:

It’s time to add in your text, but first we will place a box shape as a guide.

In the ‘overlays’ tab click ‘Geometric’ > click on the rectangle > resize and reposition the square exactly where you want your text to be.

In the ‘text’ tab scroll down and click ‘Tall Dark And Handsome’ > ‘add text’ > enter the first line in your text box > change your text to white using the pop-up ‘text’ window > reposition over guide box and change text size using ‘text’ window.

Your text should look like this:

Repeat the text steps for each line. Remember, each line may be a different size, you can enter the text number if this is more precise.

We don’t need the guide anymore, so click on the black guide box and delete it (‘backspace’):

Step 5:

For a little creative flare, lets add some triangles cause you know, geometric shapes are pretty cool…

In the ‘overlays’ tab click ‘Geometric’ > click on the triangle > reposition & resize to suit > select desired colour & change fade slider to change opacity.

To save time, right click on your finished triangle and select ‘duplicate overlay’. Voila! More triangles. Re-position & edit as many as you need.

Step 6:

Don’t forget to save!

click ‘save’ (above image) > choose a file name & image size > ‘Save Photo’ to finish.

Now shove all the papers off your desk and put your hands in the air ’cause you’re done! *fist pump*