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website upgrade wordpress.com to wordpress.orgimage: pinterest

Some big changes are happening here at Beautiful Kayekie. The time has come to take a leap and upgrade the site to make it bigger and better. What exactly is going to change for you? Absolutely nothing! If all goes as planned, you won’t notice a thing! As the saying goes: you know you’ve done something right, when nobody notices you’ve done anything at all. Fingers crossed.

I’m flying solo.
In the coming days all the work will be done behind the scenes, so please excuse any strange things you may notice happening. Some may be on purpose, others perhaps not: layout changes, strange fonts, internet monsters. I will be working to enhance your reader experience. Up until yesterday I had made the decision to pay for a Guided Transfer, to have all the hard work taken care of for me. But where is the fun in that? There’s a wealth of knowledge out there to help bloggers DIY upgrade from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, so wish me luck!

In the meantime…
Everything that makes up Beautiful Kayekie will be here, so feel free to browse the menus or connect with me here: