DIY Origami Paper Heart Bouquet


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DIY Origami Hearts

Valentines Day may be over,
but there’s always a reason to create your own paper heart bouquet.
I put together step by step instructions – in super fun GIF form! – to design a bunch for yourself.
And the great news? It cost just a few dollars for materials, and lasts longer than any real bouquet ever would.

I have to give full credit to Azumarek, for the instructions on how to fold the hearts.
The entire project took me 45 minutes to complete. Bam!

[1] Cut one square piece of paper in half, horizontally
(I used a 10cm x 10cm sticky-note pad, which makes two hearts each sheet)

DIY Origami Hearts

[2] (With one of the halves) fold down the centre to crease, and open back up
[3] fold the bottom upwards as shown
[4] Fold the right and left side inwards to the centre crease
[5] flip over

DIY Origami Hearts

[6] Fold the right and left sides inwards
[7] fold the right/left top of each side of the heart, leaving you with two small triangles
[8] fold down the top of each triangle
[9] flip over to see your heart!

DIY Origami Hearts

[10] Flip over again and skewer the back of the paper

And now you’re done!

DIY Origami Hearts


DIY Origami Hearts Pinterest


Epic Nail Foils – Your Valentines Day Mani sorted!


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EpicNail foils hearts

EpicNail foils rainbow

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(Early) Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I’m excited to show you nail lovers the cutest alternative to traditional nail art, just in time for valentine’s day. This was my very first time trying nail foils, and I’m already counting the reasons why I love this just as much as regular nail polish.


If your not familiar, they are simply designs and colours that are transferred onto your nail with glue. Kind of like the temporary tattoos you probably played with as a kid, but a lot cooler! The foils are delicate strips that give you bold, smooth, nail colour.

This collection of foil rolls are one of a few different combination packs available from Epic Nail, and come with everything you need – including the glue.

EpicNail foils set

Left to right: Winter Is Coming, In The Jungle, Pipe Dream, I Heart You, All Laced Up, Nautical


There’s two ways of applying Epic Nail foils, the choice is yours:
1 – as a full nail cover
2 – dabbed over nails for a multi color, multi dimensional effect


Zero drying time, once applied the effect is immediate
easy, beautiful designs
Shelf life – the foils will never dry or spill like traditional polish
Versatility – apply it in two different ways, combine with other polish
Smooth application – with the right prep, they look almost flawless
Generous length of foil for each roll


Can be difficult to apply initially and the right glue application can be tricky to judge

EpicNail foils set & glue


To begin with, I struggled with the application of the foils. It took me a few attempts to get the process right. In the end it all came down to one important aspect – the glue. The right glue consistency and application was crucial. Apply the foils too soon, or with the incorrect amount and the effect either won’t work or will apply patchy.

Once I got the application down pat, I was in love. And the foil Winter Is Coming just blew me away with its amazing shine and beauty. It is my absolute, hands down favourite. I tried it with the full nail effect and was in awe. It sparkled like no liquid nail polish would ever be able to. (Apparently I’m a bit of a Bauer Bird when it comes to nails. Who knew?)


Take your time – do one nail at a time until you are comfortable

Wait till the glue is dried correctly and is very tacky – I found painting a small amount on the skin to test stickiness each time, and using a timer worked wonders. I also found doubling the waiting time was more effective

If you just can’t get the edges right, paint the glue over the cuticles and skin also – this gives you a wider application you can clean up and perfect with acetone and a cuticle stick later

Clean/manicure your nails beforehand – buff your nail ridges and tidy your cuticles to maximise effect

Try on clean nails and painted nails – I experimented with both, and found different foils worked better with different bases

To maximise shine, avoid a top coat – your foils won’t last as long, but layering top coat over it can dull the already visible shine (for certain foils)

EpicNail foil nail art set

Disclosure: this post contains product sent for consideration. This is no way influences my opinion, and my reviews are always honest!

Holiday Instagram Catchup #2


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Holiday instagram catchup california

[1] One word – HEAVEN [2] It’s been a very long time coming, let me introduce you to my newest (fashion) baby, the PRADA saffiano lux tote. Ahhhhh! [3]¬†This was kinda a BIG deal for me, my first snow (outdoors) in 30 years, courtesy of Legoland. Oh my gah, I was so happy [4] It’s true, it really is the happiest place on earth [5] Have you ever eaten a french toast cupcake? You are missing out! [6] Amazing sushi dinner with family. One of my favourite foods [7] A little something for my hubs [8]¬†Let’s just say I drank A LOT of these babies since we arrived weeks ago. Hello, my name is Kaye, and I’m a Starbucks¬†addict [9] Stunning necklace by my favourite – Hotsy Totsy

holiday instagram catchup california disneyland tahoe

[10] Just… beautiful! [11] The kids and my first real Christmas tree hunt. Weeeee! I had so much fun, even though my toes froze, it was worth every second [12] On the road again [13] Tahoe California – missing this place A LOT [14] The Disney princess castle covered in lights. Fewer things are prettier [15] A totally new concept for me, relaxing by the fire [16] Snow everywhere! This stuff gets me seriously excited [17] I’d have to say my least favourite thing about travelling is security and carrying all the bags – boo! [18] Musical ride at Disney California Adventure – 100 points if you can spot me (hint: waving with a huge goofy grin)

Holiday Instagram Catchup #1


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Beautiful Kayekie on Instagram 2013 Holiday

[1] Snow days! Little Miss’ snow boots. What I wouldn’t give to have a pair in my size [2]¬†An early surprise from Mr Hall and the kids. Ahhhhh! Feeling so overwhelmed, thank you my loves [3]¬†SYD to LAX [4] Third time¬†ice skating was awesome! This time was in Sacramento, and I only fell once, haha! I looked like a corn-dog rolling in batter [5]¬†If stances could talk, these would say: “mum I cannot believe you dragged us all the way up here to see some ‘Hollywood’ sign. This is stupid” [6] The Hollywood Sign! [7] After a long flight to LA and sightseeing, I still hunted down and found my store at the Southcoast Plaza. Early Merry Christmas to me! [8] Beautiful tree at the Southcoast Plaza¬†[9] Dreamy lighting on the ice, I was made for this weather!

Beautiful Kayekie on Instagram 2013 Holiday

[10] No filter! The California skies at sunset are so beautiful [11] Obligatory selfie¬†[12] Good morning LA, so wonderful to see you again [13] Miss Fox is ready to fly to LA [14] I’m allowed a little daydreaming at the LV store, right? (this is of course before I realised my awesome family surprised me!) [15] Arm candy of the day [16] Early morning layover in Sydney, the kids first visit to the Opera House [17] Good morning starshine. Guess who’s Mum forgot to bring a hairbrush? Doh [18] Remember when I said we had a BIG family. Passports as far as the eye can see